Are you a Windows developer who finds yourself on a UNIX-based system (MacOS or Linux) for the first time? Or perhaps you keep hearing about WSL and want to get in on the action but can't figure out where the magic is? Wondering where your Visual Studio experience is, and confused about all these different "shells"? And what in the world is with the file system layout?

In this presentation, we're going to go over the key basics of working with a MacOS or Linux environment, whether you're running "on the hardware" or spinning up virtual machines for use in the cloud. We'll talk about some of the principal tools, the common approaches, and more importantly, the mentality of the community in which you now find yourself. It's OK--it turns out that they do the same kinds of things that you're used to, they just do it a little "differently".

Slides: HTML | PPTX

Published on 04 May 2022