Ever wished you could just focus on one language, and use that one language across all the various tiers and layers of your application? If you're willing to let that "one language" be Javascript, there might be an option for you to do just that.
MeteorJS (http://www.meteor.com) is a new breed of Javascript package, one that stretches across client, server and database, to deliver a development experience that is entirely Javascript in nature. In essence, it is a "full-stack Javascript" development experience, and it represents an entirely different way of building Web-based applications that focuses almost entirely on application, and not on "infrastructure", "architecture", "packaging" or any of the other things that can distract from building the app.
In this session, we're going to explore the basics of the MeteorJS system, including how to get started, how MeteorJS is constructed, how it works, and how to build applications in it. Some knowledge of JavaScript is expected, but deep JS Fu isn't necessary.

Slides: HTML | PPTX

Published on 02 June 2023