Ted's been writing articles, books and white papers since the early '90s, covering a span of technologies and topics that includes C++ in the early days, to Java and .NET more recently, to psychology, philosophy, and virtual machine internals.

All of the articles below are predominantly in reverse-chronological order, gathered by periodical. Sadly, due to the passage of time and the entropy of the business world, some of these pieces are no longer available on the Internet.

MSDN Magazine

MSDN Magazine is (sadly, was; MSDN Magazine shut down at the end of 2019) the print periodical dedicated to the Microsoft technology sphere, stretching all the way back to its days as "Microsoft Systems Journal" (MSJ) back in the 90's. I wrote a number of feature pieces for them, currently writes a monthly column, and even served a stint as the Guest Editor-in-Chief for one issue.

Working Programmer (column)

CODE Magazine

(CODE Magazine is an independently-published periodical that focuses on the Microsoft technology sphere, most notably the .NET programming environment. I did a half-dozen "feature pieces" for them, taking a deeper dive into topics at the time that weren't as familiar to the average .NET developer (CODE's core audience).)

(The Managed Coder column was a back-of-the-magazine editorial column I wrote from 2009 through 2020 that covered a variety of different topics; the later topics dove more deeply into abstract thought pieces, examining the intersection of programming with psychology and philosophy.)

IBM developerWorks

In addition to a couple of feature pieces, developerWorks asked Ted to write two long-running columns, one on the "Five Things You Didn't Know" theme, one on the object-oriented database db4o (back before NoSQLs were cool again), and one on the functional-object hybrid language Scala.

(Sadly, as developerWorks shuttered, many of these links became broken; I'd love to find them in the wayback machine, but a quick pass didn't yield up the links.)

The Five Things You Didn't Know About... Series

This particular series was a suggestion from my editor at dW, Jenni Aloi, and turned into one of the most popular series on dW.

The Busy Developer's Guide to Scala Series

(Sadly, this series appears to be removed from the IBM website.)

(I may, at some point, dig these articles up out of my source control and try to render them for reading on this website. That said, there's lots of tutorials on Scala out there, and sadly the Twitter API that "Scitter" used was shut down by Twitter, too.)

The Busy Developer's Guide to db4o Series

(Likewise, this series appears to be missing, as well. Not quite as sad, simply because db4o also disappeared--it was acquired by Versant, another OODBMS vendor, and essentially ceased development after db4o 8.0; it used to still be available as a free download, but I'm not sure if that's still true.)

Oracle TechNet

Oracle TechNet is the website for all things Oracle, ranging from their database products to their customers' use of the Java programming language for building enterprise applications. Ted has written some pieces for them, including the features introduced as part of Java SE 8 (forthcoming) and the use of the Akka framework.

(Several of the articles I wrote for them seem to no longer be available online; not sure why.)


CodeProject is a developer content portal, for topics ranging far beyond what Ted writes about. His articles there have touched on programming headset earpieces in the Android environment to using Google Cloud Platform.


Google Cloud Platform

(This was a series commissioned by Google to introduce developers to the Google Cloud Platform)

Other Articles

(These are articles that are scattered across the Internet, often as one-offs, sometimes as a series.)

Published on 01 February 2022