Ted's a world-renowned conference speaker and keynoter, with more than three hundred (as of 2013) conferences, hundreds of training classes, under his belt. With each presentation, he brings equal amounts of education and entertainment, because not only do you need to teach the crowd, but you need to keep them awake.


So you've decided that having Ted out to speak at your show is a desirable thing. Cool! He loves to talk at conferences.

But, over the years, he's found that lots of conferences have very different points of view about what bringing a speaker out to speak at their conference really means. So here's a list of the things that a conference needs to be ready to provide, if this is going to work (and yes, these are in order of importance):

I realize that when listed out, these may seem ridiculous or intimidating. Most of them, however, I've found to be either the default way the best conferences operate, or ideas that they look to adapt to their own circumstances. (And I've heard worse--I don't require a tour guide, I don't require somebody to carry my bags, and I don't need somebody to take me out to dinner every night. And yes, I know of speakers who mandate those clauses in their speaker agreements.)

I look forward to learning more about your event, and making it an amazing experience for your attendees.

Published on 01 February 2022