Things people have said about, or to, Ted in various situations. Where known (or where it wouldn't violate implied privacy, such as conference evaluations), the individuals offering the testimonial have been cited.

"I recently had the opportunity to work with Ted on a mission critical Trading project where Ted was brought in to help us with new ideas to forge a robust, scalable, and maintainable set of services. The model would set the pattern for our enterprise services platform.
"It was refreshing to work with a guy so knowledgeable, yet able to create practical solutions in a real world environment of aggressive deadlines, limited resources, high expectations, and bad coffee.
"Ted came on early in the project, led the design and taught us. The project Ted helped us with is in Prod now and performing above expectations. The thing I love most about Ted's contribution to simplicity of the services - new developers are able to ramp up quickly and bugs are easy to identify and fix. It was an honor and a treat for me to work with a guy like Ted and I am grateful to my management for bringing him in on this project." --Gary Smith, Sr Software Engineer and Team Lead, LPL Financial Services, from LinkedIn
"Man. I love this guy @tedneward. he could talk about a pile of dirt and I'd be engaged. #vslive" --@blandobland, from Twitter)
"Ted is one of the top-rated and most-frequent guests on .NET Rocks. Over the years he's consistently been at the leading edge of technology and able to provide deep insight into what software professionals should be concerned about today and going forward. I would strongly recommend Ted to anyone who is concerned with getting the most from their developers and the future of software development." --Richard Campbell, Co-Host, .NET Rocks, from LinkedIn
"Have Ted crucify someone on stage (maybe a C++ programmer) and explain just why the nails have to go in at a certain angle (because he knows)." --Anonymous attendee evaluation at 2011 Research Triangle Software Symposium
"Ted exhibits a combination of business and technical skills at a level rare in this industry. He has a passion for team work, and consistently demonstrates deep thoughts around not just software development but the business of software development. His combination of leadership, technical, and organizational talents are an asset to any corporation." --Robert Cain, from LinkedIn
"@tedneward could tell two adjacent rooms the exact same stories during the same hour timesharing if nobody blocks the doorway. CAP." ... "I'm saying that you could consistently and concurrently availably entertain two rooms if the doorway doesn't partition them" --@clemensv, from Twitter
"He's like the Dr House of the software industry!" --John Bristowe, Developer Evangelist, Microsoft
"Ted is excellent programmer. When he worked for me he did C++ and Java programming. His code and designs were always of the highest quality. He was extremely dedicated to the success of our projects and company. I once came into the office early and found Ted passed out at his desk from working all night on a critical part of the project. He was always passionate about improving and staying current with the latest developments in technology. I can highly recommend him." --Mike Cohn, Owner, Mountain Goat Software, from LinkedIn
"If you’re looking for a deep technologist who is comfortable with both Open Source and MS technologies, Ted is your guy. Being a recruiter I have hired many deep technologists but what has always stood out to me about Ted is his knowledge and interests outside of technology. That combination makes for a powerful consultant because in the end it’s not just about the technology, it’s about helping your clients meet their objectives and solving their problems through the technology. Ted brings both deep technical skills as well as very good business acumen. I hope to work with Ted again one day!" --Jeff Eidelman, Sr. Technical Recruiter, Neudesic, from LinkedIn
"Ted and I have both been speakers for the NFJS tour for many years. I have come to know Ted well through this relationship and have gone to him many times for technical advice. Ted has a head for architecture in both the .NET and Java worlds, and is also an excellent mentor. The techniques I've seen him apply in classes with his 'architectural katas' alone would make me want to work with him in that capacity. If Ted were on the Right coast, I'd have him work for my company in a heartbeat; not just because of the value he brings, but because his desire to mentor would amplify the effectiveness of my entire team." -- David Bock, Principal, Code Sherpas, from LinkedIn
"I knew of Ted (through his work as a speaker and author) before we worked together at the same company, but I never had the chance to meet him. Getting to know and work with Ted recently has been a highly rewarding experience. I looked to Ted as a trusted adviser and mentor. He was always willing to help whenever needed - whether that be as a sounding board for an architectural problem I was working on, or advice and feedback on a presentation or article.

One of the things I like most about working with Ted was his direct honesty. He never held back on providing feedback. Sometimes I may not have liked hearing that an article I was writing had holes, but it was necessary and Ted provided valuable suggestions for improvement.

I would highly recommend Ted to anybody looking to better their organization. Ted's technical skills, insights, and mentoring would be a great asset to any organization." --Michael Collier, Architectural Consultant, Neudesic, from LinkedIn

Published on 01 February 2022