Ever had to make a decision? Ever wondered how we actually decide things? Ever agonized over the process of making the decision and wondered if there is "a better way" to come to one?

Hire or don't hire, fire or don't fire, pursue or abandon, praise or criticize, meet or email, the manager's life is filled with decisions. In fact, it's fair to say that much of the whole job of the manager is make decisions--some of which can affect not only your work life and livelihood, but that of the people on your team (and sometimes even wider than that). Making these decisions can often be a source of major stress, and is often one of the major reasons developers never want to be in the position of making one. But worry not! Not only have the philosophers thought about this subject for millennia, scientists have recently (within the last hundred years) taken a look, and there is much we can learn about decisions from both.

In this presentation, we're going to examine much of the philosophy, psychology, and analytical thinking behind decision-making. We may not make the stress of decision-making go away, but we can reduce it (by being more sure of the process by which you arrive at the decision) and learn to accept it. And by doing so, you might just find management not quite so scary after all.

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Published on 06 May 2024